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Hear from Workshop Participants and Private Clients

Rachel Schaeffer Wolfe is full of so much heart. She is abundant with joy with a warm and sassy soul. Her Story Alchemy process makes it easy to try something new and shift your perspective, metaphorically holding your hand tight in full support, with humor and vulnerability. She is a very engaging teacher who models how to take control of your own narrative in an unapologetic and very empowering way.
She is the cheerleader in your corner that can gently guide you through past pain and trauma and help you reframe your story. She has a real gift to spark creativity, insight, and connection.

~Veronica Domingo
Assistant Director of Programs
Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

Rachel’s Story Alchemy workshop helped me discover where a personal limitation came from and change my attitude, which helped me change my actions, eliminating a very limiting personal belief. It was emotional and incredibly valuable. Thank you, Rachel.

~Victoria Finn
Innovation Catalyst Director
Disney Parks, Experiences and Products

Rachel Schaeffer is a wise and warm-hearted facilitator. Story Alchemy is a potent and engaging process inviting more joy and possibility. I felt uplifted in body, mind, heart, and spirit after participating in this life changing experience.

~Edi Pasalis
Lead Faculty and former Director Kripalu Innovation and Learning Network
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

“Your keynote was amazing. Perfection. Humor. Connection. New learning. Everything was a delight!”

~Beth Slazak
Manager of Education and Events
Creative Education Foundation

This program is a great option for those who are stuck, find repeating patterns holding them back, or are looking to flesh out a framework for their autobiography.

~Sara E.
Culture Coach

Rachel Schaeffer’s Story Alchemy Online Course is an amazing course where we’re able to tap into our creativity not just through mind, but also body & spirit with meditation. What’s also wonderful is the group even though it is online still feels very personal and intimate because we work with the entire group but also work in smaller groups where we are paired up and this created a trust with your partner as we did the different exercises. Definitely recommend Story Alchemy for anyone who is interested in learning a unique way in how to tell your story with others or if it’s just for yourself!

~Alysha Myronuk
Podcast Host
“That’s Myrony” Podcast

Story Alchemy is a powerful tool of transformation. Rachel is a warm hearted, wise, healer and guide. The online format is so convenient and effective for clearing out old parts of our stories that no longer serve and paving the way for something fresh and new. Rachel is gifted at created a warm, sacred space online (what an accomplishment!), where it’s safe to share and heal.

~Brooke Curie
Mom of 5

YES, HELL YES, I want to do more Story Alchemy sessions with you!!

~Lisa Bull
Lechner & Associates, Inc.

Rachel Schaeffer’s Story Alchemy class that I had the privilege to attend in the shortened version, was a lovely introduction for me to both journaling for introspection as well personal storytelling. I was surprised by the range of emotions elicited by the entire group and how the creative and yet easy to follow direction Rachel provided was, to help bring each of us to our own unique conclusions to our own stories. She has a wonderful ability to help each of us move through the program with her relaxing and in-depth meditative exercises and playful and open journaling suggestions and direction. It was a wonderful program that, when I left, I took away a sense of purpose, growth, and excitement for the future!

~Kate Forgue
Kripalu Shop Manager
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Story Alchemy is transformational; I have attended Rachel’s workshops both in-person and online and in both settings found a calm, inviting space to consider how I might find more happiness in my life by re-framing my stories. Rachel provides an affirming space for exploration, self-discovery, and finding new possibilities. Highly recommend!

~MIchelle Allen

I can be mean to myself…my worst judge, jury and executioner. About five years ago I met Rachel, a very special and dear soul who showed me it was not just possible but doable, to rewrite my story and change how I show up on the pages of my life. She spoke of the smaller, quieter daily practices that I could do from the comfort of my own home.

~Jane Lipnitsky

I came to Story Alchemy from a very difficult space in my life… 8 years of domestic violence and living in a state of complete trauma. I had psychologically limited myself which is what trauma tends to do—to limit our scope of what we think we’re capable of, or what are possibilities are. [With Story Alchemy] I began to realize there could be a lot of different outcomes or versions.

Particularly at this time in our history, telling our stories, in the loving way Story Alchemy provides, is essential not only for healing ourselves but also the emerging new world. Muchas gracias Rachel for your vision.

~Anaelisa Jacobsen
Social Worker